Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thinking of new armour, and Crown...

Hey guys.

At Spring War, following the issues with luggage, it became very evident that I do need to arrange new armour.

Now the current plan is to create some Aluminium legs with bryce (and probably vanbraces as well). But for the body, my thoughts have been for a long time to replace that carpet (12+ years and still travelling) with Lamellar.
Leather is out - requires too much care and maintenance (which lets face it isn't my strong point) and is also weighty.

I was looking at getting plastic lamellar (from: ) or equivalent, but several people at Spring War suggested I would be better to get Titanium plates instead?

I would really appreciate any thoughts anyone has on this topic.

I guess I'll still need to make a gambeson (or have one made) to go with the lamellar?

Also - I'm entering Crown Tournament. And find myself looking at the tournament with a more serious air, knowing now that I actually have a chance, if in good form and having a good day, to win it.
And this leads me to thinking who would I lean on? Who would I learn from? And, do I have any plans?
Apart from my triumvirate of Pelicans (Evil Baron Alaine, Bliss & Hrothgar - which I must admit is a pretty good starting place) - who else would I lean on? Well - probably most of the Peers of the realm that I have befriended over the years.
All questions that have only just started to circle in my head - Again, I welcome any advice, although I suspect this sort of advice is better in a personal email or in person.

Anyhow, we'll see how it goes.

Regards for now.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hanbals Falchion

I've added the photos of the Hammer, and while I was taking them I thought I may as well take some photos of my falchion, another of my weapons that is very popular.

This was made for my by Bryce of Arrowsreach, made of a single piece of rattan, split down the middle - with braces of rattan and rubber up the length, with the spaces packed with foam.

It is not a subtle weapon, but then it is for fighting war.

Also took a good photo of our kitten (Kitiara) who is growing quite rapidly, below.

Hope you are all well.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hanbals Hammer (or Maul)

Hi guys

Following my trip to Spring War, there was again some interest (from new people) as to the nature of my hammer and what it is based on (I'll update this post soon with some pictures).

Here is the (only slightly) amended text that I sent out to various lists many years ago following initial concerns raised at the time.

Some people have been curious with regards to the usage of the oversized hammer that I utilise as a weapon in SCA combat (mainly war).

Please note that this weapon is a representation of the medieval Maul (a word originally derevated from "mallet"). Originally a peasants work implement, made of wood, these were often utilsed when war came about. They were on some occasions already faced with lead (to increase their longevity) and when utilised for warfare were commonly bound with heavy iron or steel strapping. Also as an additional means of causing injury in war, sometimes spikes were added to the faces as well as on occasion the top.

Mauls were a constant implement of warfare through the middle ages - early on only utilised by the peasants but in later times they became a semi-standard item of equipment. Mauls are listed as a secondary weapons for English longbowmen at the Battle of Agincourt.

There is a great deal of information available on the internet, and indeed many mentions of the Maul as a weapon (including a number of references through the history of the SCA).

I am more than happy to discuss its usage, history and physics of the weapons striking & thrusting with anyone.

Keep the dream alive.


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Ahh - the joy of Spring War

Well, returned from Spring War yesterday, tired, battered & bruised.
Having enjoyed myself immensely.
Brilliant, wholesome, filling food.
Fun fighting with interesting terrain.
Enthusiastic people - old friends and new ones.

Regardless of the actual numbers on the battlefield, Spring War still contains some of the best war fighting that I can get to in Lochac (Australia).

Whilst this year was a low numbers year, speaking with their Baron they are still very happy with the way things are shaping up and it will remain a highlight of their calendar for many years to come.

I had my first go at digging and using a cooling pit - add ice and end up with an interesting mud slurry which still kept the drinks cold - need some work to get it right (maybe some wooden internal walls).

Had some issues on the flights in. Virgin recently changed their baggage allowance rules, including the sporting goods clause that we had been very lucky to utilise.
Text on their website stated:

Guidelines for Guests travelling prior to 1 September 2008, or who purchased their fare prior to 18 August 2008

Sports equipment counts as part of your free baggage allowance. Each item individually represents 5kgs of your free total baggage allowance, regardless of the actual weight of the item.

For example, a bike that weighs 10kg will represent 5kg of your free baggage allowance. If your allowance is 20kg, you will have 15kg left for other items. These items include but are not restricted to:

* Bikes
* Golf clubs
* Snow skis
* Surfboards
* Cricket/tennis bags

Guidelines for Guests who purchase their fare on or after 18 August 2008, for travel on or after 1 September 2008

If you are travelling with Sports Equipment, you will be eligible to check-in an extra 5kg of baggage allowance free of charge. This additional allowance is allocated above your purchased checked baggage allowance for Blue Saver or GO! Fares or above the inclusive checked baggage allowance for Velocity Gold and Silver Members or for Guests travelling on Flexible, Corporate Plus or Premium Economy fares.

Excess baggage charges will apply once the full allowance, including the additional 5kg allowance, has been exceeded.

If you are taking only sporting goods and you are travelling on a Blue Saver or GO! fare, you will still be required to purchase the checked baggage allowance of up to 23 kg. Remember you can pre-purchase this allowance for $8 per flight before you arrive at the airport otherwise you will be charged a $20 fee at the airport.

For example, if you have purchased a baggage allowance of 23kg, and are travelling with a bike, you will be eligible for a total checked baggage allowance of 28kg. If your bike weighs 10kg, you will be able to take additional checked baggage (such as a suitcase) weighing up to 18kg.

As we booked our tickets before 18 August, we should have been processed under the old rules - but the girl at the counter insisted that we be processed under the new rules, hence my 28kg armour bag cost me extra (she was nice and reduced the cost by offsetting the extra weight against my friends luggage who was under weight) but it still cost me an extra $56.00. I have just finished writing to them to start an appeal / refund request process and will keep you advised how this goes - also trying to see if I can possibly start any communication between Virgin & the SCA.

The thing that made me certain of my being correct was that the girl in Newcastle when checking in for the return trip processed us under the old rules.

I'll try and get some photos from Spring War from others up here soon.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Catching up

Hello all

Sorry - been quiet for a while so haven't written for a while (also curious if there are still many people reading this - feel free to leave a comment, especially if there is anything you want more info or pictures about).

so - let's see what's going on in my life.

I got a new job (with Origin Energy)- and quit my old one of 11+yrs with On-Call. One of the best moves forward I've had in a while.
I experienced a drop in salary of less than $2000 to move into a proper call centre (inbound only). Dealing with private individual clients now rather than companies, but in a much more professional way, in a professional environment, with more support networks than I can poke a stick at - and after less than 2 months I already feel that I belong (4 weeks of thorough training before I took my first call).
Better hours, better conditions and the pay is guaranteed to move forward being part of a big organisation that knows where it wants to go.

My LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) character, which died many months ago, was successfully resurrected, but at a price, his memories. More will follow about this online at the VIC LARP website -

We have a new Kitten, that has grown quite a bit but still has a whole lot to learn - some photos here soon.

SCA - I'm travelling to Spring War this weekend - the hammer strikes back (he he) - hoping the King will be there, as I haven't actually seen him since Midwinter.
Always a hoot, lots of fighting and great war stories afterwards over beers. With a breakfast so big, noone walks away hungary (and a few can't walk at all).
I'm also travelling to November Crown, where I will be fighting.

I just discovered last night, when re-reading the luggage changes that VIRGINBLUE have brought in, that after these next 2 flights, I may not be taking my armour by plane without spending a lot more money - BASTARDS.

Spent this morning destroying our side fence with a sledgehammer - quite fun actually. Then my neighbour finished it off during the day from the look of the pile of wood on the front lawn. Guy will be round on Friday/Saturday to install a new one.

Our TV died last friday morning - so in the evening we went out to buy a new one - and have gone from a 68cm CRT to a 105cm Plasma - Cool huh. Then I spent Sunday morning sorting out wires for it & the VCR (we were out on Saturday).

Home game D&D (Team Hanbal) - Set the party against 7 Trolls (down the road, attacking a courier who literally, never had a chance (they never saw his red shirt underwear). After the last major encounter, where they were so cautious I thought a chessboard was coming, this time they just charged on in. They have however rescued the couriers pouch and documents (which are actually orders for troops of an dark & menacing force - he he he).

Movies - Saw Journey to the Centre of the Earth - not bad, worth seeing on the big screen.

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