Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pewter casting - SUCCESS

Firstly, my thanks to those who have advised me, both in person & online with regards to this.

Today I have succeeded in casting several finished coins - with Traditional Chinese text front & back. On one side I have 2 characters which are the translation of "Purity" (which is the original meaning of Hanbal in Arabic). On the other side, the coins read Eighth Baron.

You'll have to wait for the photos till after our investiture - going to try & limit who sees them beforehand.

Now I just have make a whole heap of them.

Was very chuffed at the end of the day when I finally realised & have learned & succeeded at a craft that Mum hasn't tried (for those that don't know - she has tried & done well at just about any craft you can think of - but (and I checked) she has never tried pewter casting.

Now I'll have to work out what my next pewter token will be - after investiture.

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