Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight - a review / and SCA news

We went to see the Dark Knight today - oh my gosh, it is GOOD, REALLY, REALLY, BRILLIANT (in my mind anyway).

Heartily recommend it - go see it early so if you want you can go back & see it a second time.

Whilst it a tragic loss that Heath Ledger has left us, I think that he would be happy to have this as his last movie. I kept having to remind myself that it was him, because the character had such a lift of its own.

A nice plot with a few twists, definately a worthy sequel to Batman Begins. I think I like this latest rendition of Batman the most.

Last night was the Stormhold Winter Feast (Yule in July). And whilst I enjoyed the feast in my usual way, I was asked by the King to be on his guard - which I was happy to accept. I must admit that it really saddens me now that I won't be attending Pennsic with him (although I do hope he attends Spring War).

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life, options & opportunities

Well, life isn't offering up a lot of options at the moment. Fingers crossed that might change.

It appears that my dedication to my workplace is only working against me - it appears that working for 1 company for more than 11 years people think you can't do anything else.

On the other - Coronation in Perth last weekend was a hoot.

I stepped in as an assistant to the incoming King & Queen (Siredean & Siban), as well as having some good discussions with the newest Count & Countess in the Kingdom (Berenger & Bethan).

Food was good, people were great, weather was cold and wet for the Friday and Saturday morning, but cold & sunny for the Saturday afternoon rapier & war as well as Sundays tournament (interestingly not a Rose Tournament).

Anyhow - this weekend has been cold & wet with incredible winds - forcing us to spend the days indoors.

Life is becoming just a little to pedestrian for me at the moment - some deviation would be good.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

13 years a journey, and still travelling

Well - yesterday we celebrated our 13th anniversary with a dinner at Gurkha Express - a very good dinner and a nice evening to boot.

Times like this you think back to all the things you have done - and all the things you still have to do.

And despite what some may think - we never got married (yet - it could still happen) but have outlasted so many couples that we have known, it is quite amazing.

Anyhow - we're off to Perth tomorrow night for Midwinter Coronation (SCA).
Should be fun.



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