Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We got the job & I got my Mongol Boots

Well, as it was announced at Rowany Festival this year - Ute & I will be the next Baroness & Baron of Stormhold (Central & Western Melbourne & Victoria).

3rd time was the charm after all.

Our investiture will be on 3 July 2009, with further information available from the website.

This has led to us deeply involved in planning our investiture garb (for those not aware of the SCA - its a big deal, with lots of speccy looking costume often being made).

As such - our plans & intentions are that I will be wearing 14th Century Mongolian & Ute will be wearing 14th Century German.

To start off my outfit(s), I have ordered & purchased a pair of handmade Mongolian boots, from Mongolia (see the picture - Corona beer included for size comparison) - They are big & beautiful and well worth the price. If your interested, this is the website.

I'll be back soon with a bigger update on Life, the Universe, Kittens, Fish & Injuries

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