Sunday, May 04, 2008

The changing priorities in life

It used to be that Monthly Bash was the biggest day of my month - and all focus of that weekend was around going to & fighting at monthly bash.

Today I find myself thinking of all the things I should probably be doing instead - and those things will probably win, because whilst I like the idea, when I start considering translating the idea into fact, all the effort involved starts to become too much.

Of all the different activities in my life, SCA is falling behind (and yet I'm already thinking ahead to Rowany Festival (possibly taking on a major position if some with influence over me are successful). I'm also considering several wayfarings, Aneala for Midwinter (will depend on who wins May Crown), Mordenvale for Spring War (95% certain & Judith is about 80% to come with me), and Canterbury Faire next year (Judith may do that instead of Rowany Festival).

I must also admit that having been without my computer for a long time, there is a big tempation to stay at home & play games (specifically Total War, Medieval 2, Kingdoms, which is one of the all time great strategy games.

I am also starting to have second thoughts about Hockey. The game itself is okay, but where last year the club had 1.5 teams, this year we have about .8 of a team, changing members every week & I don't know if it will settle down.
There is also talk of a member coming back who'd I'd rather we went without due to his complete lack of courtesy & sportsmanship towards the other teams - a really bad example.

LARP on the other hand, is becoming a bigger part of my life, with us now planning out all of the BIF events, as well as PG (which is a bit quieter this year due to a wedding).

Table top role-playing is going strong - with my home game (AD+D) still traveling quite successfully - my players are currently exploring "The Maze of the Eye" looking for a manuscript. When making the maze I was inspired by all of the Indiana Jones movies, as well as some stargate stuff.

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