Sunday, November 19, 2006

Arrowsreach Royal Visit - the way an event should be

Well, yesterday started with picking up the K&Q from the airport (after much packing & repacking of the car - "Do we need this? Should we take that? etc").

Then it was the long drive across Melbourne to the far eastern reaches (Croydon, Arrowsreach) for their Royal Visit tournament & feast.

Konga did extremely well for his first event (ably assisted & guided I am sure by my best looking Peer, Mistress Bliss). He had been a busy boy, building a lovely collection of matched weapons (Daggers, Maces, thrusting Broadswords, Two-Handers, 5ft Spears & Halberds) as well as a having a great little spinner made up [As each set of fighters was called out, the first of the pair would "spin" to find out the weapon combination - with various combinations available - and a one in eight chance that the choice would be completely up to her Royal Majesty's whim - a powerful force her Whim)].

With 17 fighters in the list, we all thought that a round robin was ambitious - we were proven to be correct. However the fighting was brilliant - ability to adapt & general fighting prowess were demonstrated for all in a more neutral setting - the only sheilds on offer were small bucklers (which died & were replace by larger bucklers). This meant that the majority of fighters did not have a shield anywhere near as big as they are used to {I felt very comfortable with all the combinations on offer & enjoyed the day immensely}.

As the day went on, we had a number of fighters remove themselves from the list - and after having succeeded through 6 rounds - time was running out & it was obvious that we wouldn't finish 17 rounds (ambitious as we thought). After fighting the next round as 2 on 2 melees (1st & 2nd bouts fought together, etc) it was decided to simply tally up & the top four fought a final - the final being a best of 7 with each weapon combination between His Excellency Master Brusi of Dragonvale & His Majesty, Count Sir Draco which, despite Sir Draco valiant attempts to "do an Achilles" was won by Brusi.

My fight of the day was Spears against Sir Veniamen [sp?], (We always enjoy fighting each other & I have been happy to face him a number of times during this latest sojourn here in Lochac (the first time I met him he was King & whilst attending a Stormhold weeknight training & meeting we danced (a fast waltz around the hall - much to many peoples ire - and others enjoyment). A great person who doesn't take himself too seriously & enjoys life.) - our fight was a fast & furious attempt to get the final shot in, with many thrusts (that was all we could do with these weapons) & blocks. A virtual whirlwind of action & movement, spinning & bobbing around. He eventually got me - but we both had a ball.
I determined whilst watching the finals that I had a little bit more in me & since he was one of the few still in armour, we fought a few more bouts after the final was fought - with thrusting only dagger & thrusting broadsword. I am very happy after that with where my fighting is at and look forward to William Marshal in a couple of weeks from now.

The feast was great - casual, relaxed & every dish that came out was not just edible (unfortunately there are feasts that this happens at) but absolutely scrumptious. I really eat huge amounts at feasts - but I did at this one - trying almost every dish that came out (and having seconds of a number of them). The court by their Majesties was great - with Her Majesty Asa really showing that she knew her populace with each award she gave.

We left after court, collecting a number of the desert (3rd remove) items as "travellers" - I had a mild headache & a long way to drive home (about 1hr).

One of the best events I have been to in a long while - Arrowsreach will be a Barony sooner than later I feel - nothing should hold them back now.

I was also happy to note that I was actually able to carry on a brief conversation or two with a certain person before & after our bouts & around the list field - hopefully that ravine is slowly being filled.

Now I'd better get outside & unpack the car, in the heat - ugh - maybe I'll wait till the evening.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Monthly Bash roundup

Well - another Bash came & went last Sunday. Good turnout dispite the uncertain weather (which held out in the end until we were packing up).

Tournament format seemed to work well (single kill, double elim with melees between each round that those eliminated could continue to fight in).

My fighting was pretty poor on the day - my lack of regular training is starting to show (especially against some of those who are training regularly (although I did kill Sir Hugh in one of the melee's). My "feel good on the day" counts more towards whether I have a good day or not.
Well, if I get this new job then I might be able to get to a weekly training - which would be good.

The archery tournament worked very well - all fighters really enjoyed the mini woodlands combat area (against the foot of the cliff) - however we won't be doing it again as best of 3 - I had forgotten how much that sort of terrain can wear you out.

Ok - I just realised re-reading above that those who don't know the sight this will mean nothing. Over the last few years, combat in Stormhold has died off - due to various influences & reasons. I have recently approached the Baron & Baroness & offered to try & add a little more planning & programming (with diversity) to the combat at Monthly Bash and thus make it more attractive for the various SCA combatants across Melbourne to attend. This is a start - we'll see how things go over the next few months. The venue we use for our Monthly Bash tournaments is an old quarry - John Gardiner Reserve, Auburn road, Hawthorn, Vic. One of the few venues that allow us to hire & practice targe & combat archery. As it has been turned into an oval it is good for regular target archery but lacks a little in "terrain" for combat archery, melee's & war's. That is - until the last few years, when all the small bushes at the base of the cliff face have been allowed to grow wild & big. Now we have a "mini-woods" that runs along the bottom of the cliff face - varying from 10 to 15 metres wide & probably 100 metres in length over all, all containing various levels of woods (some thick / some more open) with jutting cliff faces & uneven footing to add to the challenge. The archers who partook all enjoyed it immensely & I am sure they'll be back.

That's all I can think of for the moment.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Crazy days

First - Work
Well - we're all going completely nuts. New, massive contracts, huge influx of clients without the staff to handle things properly.

Boss got back from 5 weeks of holiday 2 weeks ago - and so far hasn't made it to the office more than once every 2 days. Not how to run a business.

I was given information on a job close to home & am now waiting with fingers crossed - assuming the job has the same number of hours each week, I will still be gaining 2.5hrs a day (12.5hrs a week) to do what I want. Here's hoping.

Now - SCA
So, Alfar will be king again. Cool, I can live with that, however we really need some new blood on the Throne.

Yay for Blayney - very happy to hear that he is being knighted (finally). That's guaranteed to be a crowded court at Festival (Hmmm, maybe I should hire out some cushions...)

William Marshals coming up - and we'll be going again (not really enthusiastic about the tourney, but, I should go so I will (if nothing else I have a household that will be looking to me). The tournament is always great though (most memorable moment being when I removed Master Daffyd's helm from his head with a thrust from my knee's - I have never heard "hold" repeated more often or more loudly before or after that day - pretty cool that it only scratched his nose on the way off - the chinstrap had died completely).

That'll do for now - back to Rome Total War now.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A start

Well, here I am.

I have thought about doing this for a while - and have finally decided to jump right in.

Mostly decided to do so now so that I could reply to Duchess Y's blog. So there you go.

Feel free to coach me along - comments welcome.

I wonder who won Crown? As Fruitbat wrote, I hope it's someone new.