Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Beef Jerky - introduction

Okay, so since 12th Night this year I've been playing with making Beef Jerky.  I had never realised that all that was required was a dehydrator.  Olfuss had acquired one from Aldi a week or 2 before 12th Night and mentioned making jerky with it.  When I realised that this piece of $40 equipment was all that I needed, I went looking at my local Aldi - they didn't stock it, but Olfuss was able to get one for me which I picked up at 12th Night.

I've now utilised a number of recipes from friends and then some of my own recipe modified from the basic ones.  Given my enthusiasm and the interest from others I thought it might be best to start documenting the details here (also helps me to have everything in one place).

I might try and blog each recipe separately with comments accordingly.



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