Thursday, March 22, 2007

Europe - a quick update & LARP


Well - Europe planning is looking good. Draft itinerary still be finalised but currently appears to be along the lines of:
Naples (exploring Rome)
Milan (exploring the feet of the Alps)
Edinburgh (Hadrians Wall & fighter training in York)
Lichfield (exploring Wales & London)
Normandy & Holland (exploring WW2 battlegrounds)
Koblenz & Frankfurt (exploring more of Germany's heartland)
Then to Pennsic.
Also playing with stopping in Japan for a few days on my home - maybe.

Last weekend was a huge amount of fun - Philosophers Guild Live Action Role-Playing club, weekend adventure. They had created a Drider costume (Elf/Giant Spider cross-breed) - it looked very cool. It was nice & convenient, in Riddell's Creek (next town on from Sunbury).
For those who haven't enjoyed it, it is a life version of Dungeons & Dragons - people dress up in costume as per the characters they have created & then run around & adventure.
More on this later.



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Monday, March 12, 2007

Shelving, Gaming & Europe continues

Hello again.

1. Shelving.
Firstly I'm feeling rather proud of myself at the moment - my grand outdoor shelving is coming together quite nicely. Just need to cut & fit the last 3 shelves (Shelving is 2.4m (long) x .9m (deep) x 2.2m (high)). 4 shelves + space underneath. I'll probably take some pictures when finished & place them on here.

2. Gaming
Had people around over the last 2 days (we had a long weekend here in Melbourne) and played a number of board games. Major game we played was Age of Renaissance, 5 players. We started at 8:30pm (after 30 mins intro & explanation to the 3 guys who hadn't played before) and finished at 3:15am - Taffy had to leave so we ended & was beaten by 12 points (in a game where there was over 500 points difference between 1st & 4th & 5th was eliminated from the game). Very cool - anyone interested in coming around for a game of this or anything else, drop me a line as I have a large collection of board games of different complexity & durations.

3. Europe
Well, the Europe travels are firming up nicely. I now have definate accommodation offers for a couple of places in Italy, Germany & the UK. I'll be reviewing the options & compiling an itinerary in the next few days and after checking it works with all the lovely hospitable people who have offered crashspace I'll then put it to the Travel Agency & see what they say.
Post-Pennsic is still a little open, but I may end up playing flexible & take what comes.

Keep the comments coming - I do appreciate them.



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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Italy is covered - excellent

Well - things continue & my excitment builds.

I have also had an offer for accommodation in Naples (which isn't too far south of Rome) so it looks like Naples (check out Rome and surrounds), Milan (check out Northern Italy & the feet of the Alps (excellent) then maybe to Venice (if available).

I still need to confirm Austria & Germany - I'll give it a few more days to see what emerges. I figure as long as I book flights before April I should be fine, so I'll go see the travel agent in 1-2 weeks from now.

Then in the UK I need to try & stop by Lindesfarne (was reminded that this would be a very good place to go), do some fighter training in the City of York (really excited by this - it just has a great feeling to it for someone from such a "young" country). Anyhow, I have an offer of accommodation on the border of Wales/England for a few nights & we'll see what happens.

Brought the Atlas home from work today.

Found where Pittsburgh & Pennsylvania are within the USA (I thought they were much further south).

Starting to think about my post Pennsic travels now that Europe is starting to come together.

So far Niagara falls (from the Canada side) & New York appear to be on the cards - nothing else that I can really think of so maybe I'll play it by ear (maybe I'll travel over to the West Kingdom & get to a fighter training).

Feel free to leave comments or send emails with suggestions / thoughts / ideas.

By for now.


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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Europe & Pennsic at last...


I've been quiet online for quite a while - my apologies, but I just wasn't inspired to write about my life.

Now I am.

I am now into planning my overseas trip for July & August this year.

First 2 weeks of August (from 29 July) will be at Pennsic - the ultimate SCA event of 10,000+ people - wars of thousands, a 3 mile long market & a new helmet that I haven't met (or even decided upon) just waiting for me. Then a couple more weeks in the USA before winging home (possibly a stop-over on the way home).

Before that however, will be 3 or so weeks in Europe.

So, to start I decided to write to the good folk of the Kingdom of Drachenwald (Yep, in our world it's all one Kingdom).

It has only been 48 hrs since I sent out my post to a number of seneschals & contact people across their fine Kingdom & already I've secured a couple of nights in Milan, on the border of Wales & England as well as possibly a couple in Venice.
And - I'll be fighting in the mighty city of York - that's just cool.

So you can get a real feel for this, below is copy of the message that I sent out overseas.

Greetings from Lochac & contact re: wayfaring


My name is Hanbal Reis al Barbary (MKA Simon Hoad). I live in Stormhold (Melbourne), in the Kingdom of Lochac (Australia) I am travelling to Europe this July (2007) on my way to Pennsic.

I am seeking guidance, advice & assistance (crash space) for my travels to Europe (I have never been there before). I am also interested in any events that may be on or trainings that I might be able to attend. I have been in the SCA for about 12 years - involved in heavy & rapier combat (only bringing my heavy armour).

I did send an email to the Kingdom Seneschal last Tuesday, but haven't had any response & am looking for some feedback sooner rather than later to plan out my basic travels so that I can book tickets early.

My interests are in Roman & Medieval architecture, historical places (medieval + modern (such as the Normandy beaches & the Rhine river)), nature (fauna & flora) from different areas (I like the bush here, but believe you have very different environments over there).

I will expect to be in Europe between 10 July 2007 & 28 July 2007. I am very interested in travelling to following places but welcome any suggestions you may have (Rome, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Normandy, London, York, Wales, Dover).

I look forward to hearing from you soon & seeing you in July.

Kind regards

Hanbal Reis al Barbary

Well - only 48 hrs & already some great response - this has really re-confirmed my respect & love for the great people that make up the SCA.

I am really excited about this trip & welcome any feedback or suggestions that anyone might have - I tend to work on the basis of obtaining lots of information from many sources & then making a decision based on the whole (but it may not always appear that way).


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