Thursday, February 28, 2008

Catching up - photos - pond, Tanis, Niece & stuff

This is quite a good photo of me from the recent "Surveying Expedition" - thanks to Mistress Nicolette.

My pond - looking quite cool really - I'm very happy with where it is at right now.

Some of my Fish, in front of one of the plants.

A couple of Lily flowers - they look even better in real life & both the plants are flowering quite regularly.

Our Mr Tanis - looking quite regal as he is want to do. He really is just a big love rug (all 10 kilos of him (or 22 pounds for you US people)).

My niece, "Arwen" in the hands of her Father "Doyle". This photo came out quite very well.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have Baby Fish

I have Baby Fish.

Yesterday while feeding the fish in the pond we found 3 baby fish. Yay.

Sorry its been so long since i was on here - life happens you know.

So - James is currently shining up my armour for Festival.
Recently went to Fabians party (as a Ocher fairy).

The front yard is coming along quite nicely - pond, rocks, fish, etc.

The main computer crashed over a month ago & we are still waiting for the replacement motherboard to arrive - blogging is not as convenient from this laptop.