Saturday, March 07, 2009

3rd times the charm - maybe?


We are officially in the running for B&B of Stormhold (again). It will be interesting to see what the result will be this time.

However - this time round we are going to at least plan things out somewhat. So we are discussing the things we need to do / garb we need to sort out & who we need to do what.

And the first question was - so what area & period are you going with? It would appear I need to be more specific than I have been in the past - damn.

Oh well - it will be an interesting journey.

Off to discuss more with one of my Pelicans today.

Cheers for now


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dad finally leaves the country!!!


He finally has managed to go overseas for a holiday.

He left late yesterday on a plane to Frankfurt Germany where he will be for six months (in theory).

Looking forward to his photos & thoughts.