Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life (& Death), Investiture planning, movies & Soapstone

Well - life goes on, for most of us.

Unfortunately - our colourful little cat, Tika, passed away last Tuesday night, after running underneath our car in the driveway. She is & will be terribly missed.

Planning for our investiture continues - I think (hope) that we have everything under control - certainly the Mongol boots arriving gladdened my heart & arrested some concern. I'd just like to say a big thanks to Mistress Bliss, who amongst many others is doing a huge amount of work for me.

Have been to see some movies recently, comments as follows:

X-MEN Wolverine, Origins - Excellent action & story was quite good about explaining his background in a bit more detail. Story didn't however keep me & hold me, so good action but story needed a bit of work - on par with the first X-men movie.

Star Trek - Excellent movie - nice twist & change to the history of the Star Trek reality - but nice personification of the young Kirk & crew. Enjoyed it immensely.

Defiance - A WWII movie with a difference - exceptional story about Jews surviving & fighting for themselves in the forests of Bielorussia. Very interesting if obviously hollywoodised.

Today, I cut into my first piece of soapstone. Experimenting with pewter casting. Currently getting my two pieces completely flat & smooth. Next job is drilling holes & filling with pewter to make "joining pins".

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