Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scary research amongst my D&D players...

Hey all

I had a lot of fun today with my home game Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I'm running (2nd ed AD+D, Forgotten Realms).

I unleashed the penultimate of classic situations (can't remember the other word for it right now)

Player opens the door & sees... ".. in a 10 x 10 room an Orc guarding a chest."

AND - when they killed the Orc & tried to open the chest - it turned out to be a Mimic.
(for those not in the know, bad luck or ask a gamer to explain.)

So - at the start of the game today, our priest (played by Taffy), who has now reached 5th level, handed over a gift to each of the players.
A drinking stein with a lid, inside of which is a stone upon which has been cast continual light - the stones had been "welded" to the bottom of the steins with the Psionic ability of Harold (played by Doyle).

This got them thinking.

They have now worked out the plans to make a laser sight, using medieval fantasy magic.


I do look forward to them doing it though - and then losing it.

He he he.

Hope you all are well - miss you guys overseas heaps & really hoping something really nice happens to us soon, so we can get over there again much sooner.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hockey, Kitten & Life

Hey all

Well, today marked the start of the 2008 hockey season.

I'm playing in the Metro 3 team again (still with Melton) and today we lost 7-5.
I did however score 3 of the goals. We have a very new team - with a real variety of skill levels - given a few weeks we should start to really operate well together (heres hoping).

Anyhow - it was good to be out on the hockey field again.

Our new kitten "Kitiara" (photo will be along soon) continues to grow & experience the world around her. I must say it is quite rewarding getting to see her deal with issues as she finds them.

She shows promise of again being a large "Hoad" cat (we always have big cats in our family).

Tika (the other cat) is getting used to / learning to put up with her.

I am looking forward to next Friday (ANZAC day games day & BBQ / Housewarming at Dad & Jill's and then on the Saturday I get to run my D&D home campaign through the Maze of the Eye.
Several of the party tried to deal with it on their own a few weeks ago (as a mini-adventure) - after (in their own words reporting back to the others) encountering an insect (with size issues), a number of squads of Kobolds & some possible round shapes with stalks - they decided it would be better to have the whole team for this one.
It should be lots of fun (I got creative).

Anyhow - I am getting itchy to travel again (yes, already), and miss all the friends I made overseas - hopefully something will come along soon & allow us to travel overseas again.

Hope you are all well.


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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vale Tsignotchka (Death of a LARP character)

Hey guys

Last weekend was another Philosophers Guild (LARP) weekend.

During the big battle on the Sunday, my character was struck down by a multitude of massive blows & magic.

A great fellow at the event took a nice photo - and with a little bit of work he captured the feel of the event as it happened and felt.

Tsignotchka (my character) was found with both his right leg & arm separated from his body - and much of the rest of him cut & smoking from both the claws & magic used to kill him.

Whilst all acknowledged that it was probably how he wanted to die - several thought that there may be a chance of bringing him back through the magic of the church & religion he had recently signed up to.

We wait to see the results...