Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beef Jerky - experiments and Recipe 2 (Dry Marinade)

Okay, so I had started to get enthused about making jerky and had a go at a modified version of the previous wet marinade - trying for a Moroccan spice styling (I literally referred to the Moroccan spice mix and used a lot of what was listed in rough, "that looks about right" type volumes).  It didn't come out too badly, but again, not enough salt in the mix.

I took these various samples with me to Borderwar and sharing them around at one time, received some good feedback as well as another recipe idea - Dry Marinading (thanks Blethyn).

Returning from Borderwar, I got B to sms his recipe / process and had a go.

"Cumin, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, little bit of chilli flakes, get a fair amount of it and grind in a mortar and pestle.  Sprinkle half on a tray, lay your strips, sprinkle the rest and place a tray on top, weight with a couple of boring, think books for about 20 mins then dehydrate as normal."

So I had a go at this.  I used an old coffee scoop and used equal portions cumin, salt, pepper, garlic powder, half a scoop of onion powder and half a scoop of chilli.

For trays I simply used some of the large plastic trays that meat comes in - a stable table on top of this (to distribute weight evenly) and then a whole pile of D&D hard cover books on top of this.

I gave it 30 mins and then dehydrated.

The Jerky came out pretty good - but I found that the spice was very unevenly spread - with some pieces having far too much stuck to them.  For future uses of this recipe I either dipped the pieces into the batter (like a fish & chippery dips into the batter), with a little shake to remove excess spice.  The most recent usage I flipped the pieces of meat around in a bag with the spice - this also worked well but was a little hit & miss initially in the amount of spice to use and the spread of spice on the meat.

This method is quite useful as it removes several hours from the time to dehydrate.  It also allows you to get underway shortly after you decide to make some Jerky - rather than having to wait overnight for a wet marinade.



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