Saturday, November 03, 2007

Excited - tonight I share and catching up.

Well, my slide night is finally here.

I am really excited that I am finally doing this. Slightly concerned/ curious at how many people will turn up - but I'm certain it will be enough to make it worthwhile.

We recently bought seasons 1-5 of Stargate and are slowly watching our way through - really good decision. Really interesting to watch (I only ever caught occasional shows on TV - which I really enjoyed).

I recently acquired a radio controlled hovercraft - unfortunately it needs a more powerful engine to act like a real, all-terrain hovercraft. But its still fun. Needs a firm seal around the edges in order that it "float" on air before the 2 propellers can send it places.

SCA update - Despite a brilliant event at Romsey a few weeks ago I am still very "whatever" about the whole thing. Partly its a "I've been to the ultimate event, nothing compares and so not interested" and partly its just that our local "pond" has grown too small for me.
Most of Stormhold, Arrowsreach & Krae Glas stuff is weeknights which are no good for me - and Monthly Bash ain't exciting at all really. Oh well, we'll see what happens.
Made the decision when it started to be advertised that I won't be going to William Marshal Feast - haven't really enjoyed the last few years very much anyway & with them as K&Q obviously there won't be much for me in it. I think my CFA is also having its Xmas party the same day, so I'll go to that. I may yet make the tournament - not sure (given that I can't use my Glaive).

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